Young oncologist award 2024

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On the occasion of the Cancer Research Day, the Slovak Cancer Research Foundation organizes

9th Young Oncologist Award

The event aims to bring together young enthusiasts in oncological research and provide them with the opportunity to present their ideas and results in oncology. The Slovak Cancer Research Foundation tries to motivate young people to devote themselves to science and embark on a career as a scientist. The contest offers them a unique opportunity to meet other young people with similar interests and discuss their work with renowned scientists

The Slovak Republic has long been struggling with a shortage of young scientists. One of the ways to restore research potential is to make scientific work accessible and attractive to young people – from student benches through undergraduate students to research institutes. The Slovak Cancer Research Foundation participates in this effort through many activities, such as supporting young people interested in cancer research

The Slovak Cancer Research Foundation will host the 9th Young Oncologist Award this year. On March 12, 2024 students and young researchers will compete in a total of 3 categories:

i.  undergraduate student,
ii.  Ph.D. student,
iii.  post-doc for up to 35 years.

The reward for their efforts will be attractive prizes and the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a professional event, test their presentation skills, and share their results with the scientific community and their peers. The contributions of all participants will be published in the Proceeding; for many of them, it will be their first publishing experience. The announcement of the competition results and the awarding of the three winners in each category will be during the March 12, 2024, dinner.



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